Command Prompt Youtube

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Command Prompt Youtube is a personal project intented to organize my favorite Youtube authors into separate "feeds". Because of the large amount of users I'm subscribed to, doing something as simple as finding new music uploads is not as easy as you'd think.

The concept behind this site is that when a user creates a feed and subscribes to one or many authors, the videos that are published from those authors are placed in one spot. The feed then becomes a curated gateway of Youtube content. Instead of having to sift through content from 100 different uploaders, imagine being able to break up all that content into feeds such as "Gaming news", "Tech news" and "Favorite artists". Yeah.

Once the user organizes their subscriptions, the server will automatically gather the latest uploads from those authors for each feed. Now, when I visit my "good music" feed, I am given the latest uploads from only the Youtube authors that upload good music. Incredible!

"Watch Later"? What the hell does that mean? I want to watch now. Trust me dude, just click "Watch Later".

HTML, PHP, Javascript on Amazon EC2, Apache, MySQL
December 2012
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