Speaker Slide Library


This application was designed as a desktop presentation tool for conference speakers. Speakers can login to the program and download or update their assigned presentations from a central database. After the initial download, users are allowed to customize, preview, print and present their presentations. During customization, speakers can remove or modify the order of non-mandatory slides within a presentation. Upon saving, the user can name the new presentation and it will be kept in a local database for future use.

The app shown above acts as a desktop client for the remote database, however the entire "Slide Library" is a multi-part system of applications. Not shown in the gallery is the web admin tool, which allows registered admins to login and actually create presentations, attach slide images and define slide rules. The slide rules were implemented to let admins have a greater control over presentations, such as: mandatory and optional slides, bundles and sequences. Once an admin creates a presentation, they can assign it to users, whom will download it automatically the next time they run the app.

Flash, AS3, AIR, SQLite
January 2013
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